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The Society is going strong with a dozen or so members, working well on Zoom platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are stretched across the globe, but remain strong in community and faith. With peoples from diverse backgrounds, online ritual has allowed us to come together in a time of global crises, to take comfort in each other, share sacred space, and to continue to walk the path of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

We look forward to the waning days of the pandemic, when we shall meet again in person.

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As groups evolve and change, so to do the needs of its members. The starting in 2019 the Salt Lake Pagan Society will move beyond domestic geography to be just “The Pagan Society”, inclusive of people around the world. We are updating names for better privacy on all our old blog posts from the archives. It will take some time to shift the administrative paperwork to a new name, but we will be victorious!

Welcome to year 10 of the Society!

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As quiet as the bee’s knees, local gay bar, Club Jam, closed its doors. It has been transferred to a new, more hipster oriented trend bar, HandleBar. Serving up jacket potatoes and wings among other things, extensive renovation of the structure was undertaken to transform the new pub from dance club to pub style life.
Kathy Stephenson, writing for the Salt Lake Tribune on June 8, 2018, describes the new Handlebar in their article “The HandleBar is a new Salt Lake City ‘biker’ bar geared toward cyclists and any other thirsty patrons…HandleBar, 751 N. 300 W., replaces Club Jam, a popular gay bar and dance club that opened in 2008 but in recent years had struggled.
‘When the area wasn’t as residential,’ Morris said, ‘a dance club made more sense.’ The new bar fits more in line with the neighborhood, but the sadness if felt in the community. “‘It’s exciting and sad at the same time,’ said Rob Moolman, executive director of the Utah Pride Center, who added that having ‘queer spaces’ where the LGBTQ community can ‘come out and be themselves’ is important.'”
While the Pride Center does exist and helps many people, the loss of a local staple venue, closing down to just 2 dedicated queer spaces, shifts a significant part of the population to other venues and away from the scene.
“At one point in the 1970s, Salt Lake City could boast 10 gay or lesbian bars. Now, with the closure of Jam, two remain: the Sun Trapp and Club Try-Angles. ‘Times have changed,’ Moolman said. For the most part, ‘young people today are growing up in a different climate of understanding and inclusivity. They can walk into any [bar or restaurant] space and be themselves.’ He pointed to Salt Lake City’s recent Pride Festival and Parade, which enjoyed some of their largest turnouts, according to preliminary numbers.”
SLPS is sad to see it go, President Muad’Dib had been there since the opening. “I remember the owners used to have lots of community events such as art shows and BBQs. It was great to get a free meal as a college student and not have to scrap for funds. Bear Foot wine did a tasting there once. When they got their liquor license things moved towards traditional club scene, but it was always a good spot.”

Club Jam
Source: GLAAD

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The Salt Lake Pagan Society is pleased to announce the publication of vol 2 of its literary journal Enheduanna. Vol. 2 continues with its goal of promoting creative literary and writing spaces in the contemporary Pagan community. This volume has returning and new authors, with over 20 from around the world contributing their works. Featured work is part 2 of “The Sacred Faeires’ Chronicles”: journal entries published for the first time detailing the history of the Sacred Faery group of Pagans in Utah from 1989-1993. Vol. 2 includes essays, poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, and short fiction.

Languages included in this issue: English and Spanish.

Price is $14.99 and flat rating shipping worldwide. Hardcover book ships from China.

Go to our sister website enheduannajournal.com to get your copy today or click here!

Enheduanna Vol 2 cover.png

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The Salt Lake Pagan Society is pleased to announce its literary journal, Enhedunna, has been offered to be included in EBSCO products. “EBSCO is one of the primary vendors of databases for libraries and research. EBSCO will index the journal, having a PDF file on their servers. Enheduanna will live on forever, accessible to millions of people and thousands of libraries that subscribe to their products.” said president Muad’Dib who also happens to be a librarian. A substantial feat, only in its second year. SLPS is humbled and gratified that the journal is being so recognized for its literary and scholastic achievement, adding legitimacy to the scholastic study of Paganism.

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A new meeting took place Sunday, July 10, 2016 for the druid community. President Cureton formed a Facebook group after noticing there wasn’t a group in Utah for the druids. One of the members took action and planned a simply picnic with ritual. Those who attended had a fabulous time in the early July morning, finding joy in community and meeting other druids. “Druids in Utah tend to be alone in the woods (pun intended). So few meet ups, rituals, or other activities. It all tends to be centered around witches, wiccans, and trad craft. There was a group that folded a few years ago, Nine Silver Hazels, and one or two Celtic reconstruction groups here, but they are secret. In total I only know about 10 druids in the state and about half of them are ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship)”, said president Cureton.

SLPS looks forward to the new growth and outreach to come. President Cureton also started a local home circle called Awen, Oak, and Sage (also Facebook) from AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America) for those interested in revivalist Welsh druidry.

Utah Druid Community meetup l to r- Seth and Kay Mildenhall, Josh Williams, Christina Neville, Sunday, July 10, 2016, Warm Springs Park, Salt Lake City, UT

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Sometimes the good ole church fair is in full swing and you gotta check out the goods. SLPS attended the Annual Carmelite fair, put on by the nuns of the Carmelite Monastery in Holladay, UT on Sunday, September 20, 2015.

The fair was full of goods, food, music, and beer. The monastery and grounds are set back and hidden off of Holladay Blvd. Parking was slim, but a brisk walk along the Blvd provided a good pep for the SLPS members. The grounds were serene and beautiful, with gardens and a large statue of Our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary.

The festival had about 4,000 attendees eating, shopping, and listening to the live music. The entry was free, but “Carmelite Cash” was required to purchase items (converted at a cash booth). SLPS browsed the religious good and textiles and picked up a wall plaque of the Holy Mother Virgin Mary, a Swarovski crystal rosary, and a print of Our Lady Saint Guadalupe, adding to the eclectic temple space.

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, sign, Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, general store, Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, crowds and Shy Fox (right green) and Piggy (right white) Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, caremlite cafeteria, Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, live band with monastery in back right, Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

Carmelite Monastery Fair 2015, Mary garden statue, Sunday, September 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT

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Hi Folks!

Come out and join us for this years LGBTQ PRIDE Festival! We will be participating in several events this weekend, here’s a list

Saturday, June 2, 2012-

12:30 Interfaith service and march

3-8 festival

Sunday, June 3, 2012-

9am-1 PRIDE Parade March

2-7 festival

Come stop by the booth, march in the parade with us and have a good old time! If you’d like to help out, please contact Muad’Dib at 8017094632

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Hi everyone

We have the esteemed opportunity to be participants in the 2011 interfaith service.  We will be ringing bells and invoking the gods of clarity and peace to help everyone. Here are the details

Time: 2-3pm

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Location: First Methodist Church, 203 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

After the service, we will all march to the festival with our banners behind a league of bag pipers! We hope you can all join us for this unique and privelaged experience!

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We have the wonderful opportunity to vend at the 2011 LGBTQ Pride Festival of Salt Lake City.  There are several shifts which need to be covered in order for us to fill all the seats and give everyone a chance to enjoy the festival

Theses are the times slots that currently need filling

Saturday: 7-11 pm, 2 people

Sunday: 2-5pm 2 people.

To sign up, please send your name and time you would like to vend to: uofupagansociety@gmail.com

Each person will need to purchase a ticket at the gate even though they will be vending. The festival has made no except and since we are in the Grass Roots Zone, we only got three free tickets. Please come and support us in our endeavor to bring education, awareness and inclusion to the people of Utah.

Look for our ad in the LGBTQ Newspaper the Q Salt Lake!

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