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UUPS Membership BBQ

Hi Everyone,

Today is the membership BBQ. Come by Muad’Dib’s House for some food, fun, membership forms and to pay your dues~! It starts at 7 and goes till… August is when dues are well, due. So come join in and be part of Salt Lake’s most diverse group of student and community pagans!

Muad’Dib’s place

7455 Parkridge Cir (1870 e 7455 s)

Cell: 801 709 4632

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On August 6, 2011, UUPS drove up to Logan to attend a wonderful ritual set back 2 miles in Green canyon with USUPA. A small altar, decorated with flowers, fruit, chalices and more was set in the south of a circle lined with rose petals.

Our very own Muad’Dib played the part of Lugh. The participants entered through the west gate. Each attendant was cleansed with water and purified with air. The circle was closed when everyone was inside and Kassie began the elegant and short ritual to the God and Goddess.

Bread and honey were offered in thanks. All the participants took a piece of bread as the symbol of their harvest and were asked to think about what they were grateful for, what blessings they had received, what service had been given to them and what all of this meant in the larger cycle of their life.  After a moment, each person was allowed to speak allowed their feelings, thoughts and emotions and to throw the bread in the fire as the final act of thanks to the God(s)

With the closing of the ritual brought a feast and fire with the God and Goddess. The food included items such as mead, red beans and rice, pie and dutch oven enchiladas!

As the sun set, the fire added a much appreciated light! Even the fire Gods were seen walking around this night!

UUPS Thanks USUPA for hosting another wonderful ritual. We can’t wait to see you all again!

Lughnasadh 2011 Muad’Dib as Celtic Sun God Lugh USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT 


Lughnasadh 2011 main altar USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT

Lughnasadh 2011 center fire Kassie Cressal USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT


Lughnasadh 2011 l to r Muad’Dib, Megan Sjoberg and Kassie Cressal USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT

Lughnasadh 2011 Camp site USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT


Lughnasadh 2011 l to r: Woman Between the Wolves, Megan Sjoberg, Muad’Dib, Shy Fox, Astral Eventide, Kate Black, Isaac Furniss, Unknown and Unknown Child, Dano Harvey, Saturday, August 6, 2011, Green Canyon, Logan, UT

Lughnasadh 2011 l to r Dano Harvey, Kassie Cressal, and Kate Black USUPA Saturday, August 6, 2011 Green Canyon, Logan, UT


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UUPS is pleased to announce the arrival of a new officer! Kirsten Caron has gladly volunteered to fill the Public Relations Manager Officer for the coming year. Here is her Bio: “Kirsten Caron is a senior at the University of Utah working on a double major in film studies and history. Kirsten is a self-dedicated priestess of Aphrodite. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, writing, film making, pin-up modeling, play video games and watching movies. Her guilty pleasures include Law and Order, Keanu Reeves and Abba. Kirsten studies divination, dream interpretation, folk lore and psychic awareness. She currently lives with her daughter, Willow, in Midvale with their 2 cats and a host of fae visitors.” “I am very excited to have her on board. Its high time we have someone who is capable and committed. There are many things we do that have a need for a PR person from scheduling rooms, planning rituals with other groups and communicating with different authors we are thinking about bringing in.” Said President Muad’Dib Kirsten is also looking forward to a new opportunity. In her own words “I’ve glad to be here and get involved. I can feel great things coming!”.

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UUPS is pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to its ranks: Crone’s Hollow of Salt Lake City.

“I was very pleased when the folks from CH called us up and said they wanted to sponsor us. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing! Such a prominent and famous establishment that is well respected by the community wanted to sponsor us?? We were astounded and very happy” Said President Muad’Dib.

One of the things UUPS is looking forward to is building a relationship with Crone’s Hollow, using the space there for ritual on occasion, and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere that Crone’s Hollow has.


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