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The first Sabbat of the year Imbolc. A time to welcome back the returning light as the dark times are at an end. This time is also for honoring and celebrating the Celtic Goddess Brigid, Goddess of poetry, fire and blacksmithing and hearth. Join us for ritual and feast on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 6pm.

(Flyer by  Ember Fire)

imbolc 2013 flyer

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What a full moon it was! Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 8pm was a very special night. Two guest, Mitchell and Kellan showed up in need of intensive cleansing and magical working. The members of SLPS present were all very capable and able to deal with this type of energy work. Lots of astral travelers, negative spots and more had to be pulled off. Three different types of magic we used, reiki, slavic and shamanic. Afterwards  it was done! This intensive work doesn’t come up that often, but when it doesn’t  it is an example that you must be ready at all times to deal with whatever walks through the door!

Because of all this negative energy, rituals from now on will be invitation only.

Full Moon Ritual l to r- Lunar Oak Spirit, Iyata Bond, Shy Fox, January 26, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

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Thanks to all who came on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 8pm to the new moon ritual! We had a great time doing new moon magic, discussing upcoming activities and working with the ancestors. President Muad’Dib sported his new oak circlet made from brass. The mediation fire with the song “Shanti” from the album Elephant Power by MC Yogi has really made a difference in the ability for the members to center and release all negativity. The moon goddess accepted the offerings for the new month and blessed everyone to go forward with light and love!

New Moon Ritual, l to r- Rena Fairbrother, Muad’Dib, Fire Runner, and Mustard Seed, January 12, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

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The first week of the new semester brought a wonderful opportunity for SLPS to set up and break out the tarot deck for the students. Each spring the Union at the University of  Utah holds spring Plazafest (this was Plazafest II) for the students, staff and faculty to check out the latest student groups and organizations. Today January 9, 2013, the union ballroom on the second floor was filled with groups, students, popcorn and others making their way around. President Muad’Dib sat in the first two hours offering free tarot readings to six people using the Deviant Moon tarot deck. At noon brought Azetta, Seedling of the Blue Dragon with her runes and to finish up at 1pm was SLPS adviser Woman Between the Wolves who brought her special Robin Wood Tarot. Not a bad day all in all. Even a few stopped to take brochures for the group!

Plazafest II Tabling Azetta Seedling of the Blue Dragon with runes, University of Utah Union Student Union Ballroom, January 9, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

Plazafest II, Muad’Dib, University of Utah Union Student Union Ballroom, January 9, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

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New Email

Hi all! Just so you know our email address has changed to slpagansociety@gmail.com from the old uofupagansociety@gmail.com. Forward and change all your contact info to the new one slpagansociety@gmail.com

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After several changes, the website is working again. Book of the Month has been moved to the top of the website and the Neo-Pagan Times tab with its tabs for each year’s publications has been placed under the documents tab in about. The directory also had to go. Hopefully this will help us to have a basic working site for now as we try to build it back up.

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The First Witches’ Tea of 2013 was a hit! Eight SLPS members and guests showed up for tea, talk and the tarot! Everything went well until the Beehive Tea Room’s credit card machine went down… then it was running to the ATM at Zion’s Bank for cash! Thankfully Rena Fairbrother covered everyone on hand who never carry the good greens. With the start of the semester tomorrow, SLPS hopes that as the months role by, tea will continue to grow and have more folks showing up to attend one of the best places in the valley!

Witches’ Tea l to r: Piggy, Rena Fairbrother, Daniel (baby) Fairbrother, Laura Farnsworth, Callista Dreamwalker, Muad’Dib, Steven Wellington, Shy Fox, Beehive Tea Room, January 6, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT

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