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The First Witches’ Tea of 2013 was a hit! Eight SLPS members and guests showed up for tea, talk and the tarot! Everything went well until the Beehive Tea Room’s credit card machine went down… then it was running to the ATM at Zion’s Bank for cash! Thankfully Rena Fairbrother covered everyone on hand who never carry the good greens. With the start of the semester tomorrow, SLPS hopes that as the months role by, tea will continue to grow and have more folks showing up to attend one of the best places in the valley!

Witches’ Tea l to r: Piggy, Rena Fairbrother, Daniel (baby) Fairbrother, Laura Farnsworth, Callista Dreamwalker, Muad’Dib, Steven Wellington, Shy Fox, Beehive Tea Room, January 6, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT

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