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Another successful opportunity to let the masses know about SLPS and give spiritual service to students, staff, faculty and people at the University of Utah has been recently completed! On Friday, April 19, 2013 from 10am-2pm, President Muad’Dib and SLPS member Azetta, Seedling of the Blue Dragon tabled on the lawn of the Student Union building at the U for the Grand Kerfuffle event.

Produced by ASUU (Associated Students of the University of Utah), the Kerfuffle is an evening concert with various bands, arts, and musicians that perform for the masses of students.

Azetta read her Witch’s Runes while President Muad’Dib used his Deviant Moon Tarot. “We had around 50 people stop by in the four hours we were there. We met some really fantastic people” said Muad’Dib.

Be sure to look for other times and locations that SLPS will be offering free readings and come check it out!

Grand Kerfuffle Tabling, Muad’Dib (l) and Azetta Seedling of the Blue Dragon, Friday April 19, 2013, University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT

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All was a hit at this year’s birthday party for President Muad’Dib who turned 27 on April 12th. The party was held Saturday, April 13, at  7pm. The traditional borsch soup was made by Lunar Oak Spirit, the tradition being now in its 4th year.

With a small group of friends, the people ate, drank, sang and enjoyed each other’s company. When it was time for the cake, the excitement grew over the rumors that it was Woman Between the Wolve’s infamous strawberry cake, with real purred strawberries inside along with a strawberry frosting!

Indeed so! The cake didn’t last long. Buster Boyd can be seen left with a look of glee and pleasure right before he devoured his large slice of the strawberry cake.

President Muad’Dib commented “You should always keep your birthday candles if you can because they make good wishing magic! I love birthdays! No bowling for me, dinner parties are better!”


Buster Boyd and Muad’Dib with homemade strawberry cake by Woman Between the Wolves, Saturday, April 13, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

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SLPS did it’s duty, serving the community. Twice a year rolls around the bi-annual fund raiser for the Church of the Sacred Circle. This time called “Spring Fling”, SLPS read the tarot for about 20 people on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Muad’Dib, Piggy, and Lunar Oak Spirit showed up in time to read the cards, get some new stones from the vendors, and sit by the fire in the new Church of the Sacred Circle fire pit. SLPS enjoys giving time and service to COSC, a close friend of the society!

Spring Fling Psychic Fair, l to r-Piggy, Muad’Dib, Lunar Oak Spirit, Patrick Lucero, Church of the Sacred Circle, April 13, 2013, West Valley City, UT

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Thanks to everyone whom participated, donated, and helped make the clothing donation drive a success. The official donation period ended on March 21, 2013. We had a staggering 353 items to donate to Big Brother Big Sister of Utah! President Muad’Dib and Woman Between the Wolves processed the items over a two and a half hour period from grocery bags, trash bags, boxes and paper sacks. The final count is 353 with all of it being packed into 18 white plastic bags. Great job for the dedication and service you are all giving to the community! You can read the letter that has all the details of the items and which will accompany the items to their new home.

SLPS Clothing Donation Inventory Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Clothing Donation Drive. Clothes before processing April 6, 2013 Salt Lake City UT

Spring 2013 Clothing Donation Drive. Clothes after processing with a total of 18 bags and 353 items donated. April 6, 2013 Salt Lake City UT

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