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UUPS had a good time giving out information and telling people about the club at the Grand Kerfuffle tabling on the west lawn of the U of U Student Union building on April 22, 2011. President Muad’Dib and member Sarah Cochran relaxed in the shade as students rushed by to class in the noon sun.


Grand Kerfuffle Tabling at the University of Utah Sarah Cochran (l) and Muad’Dib April 22, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

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Thanks to everyone for all the hard work accomplished in March! April has been a busy month, but isn’t holding anyone back!

KUTE Radio Interview

On Friday, March 18, 2011, President Muad’Dib was asked to appear on our very own 1620 AM University radio K-UTE.  President Muad’Dib was asked to explain and talk about the U of U Pagan Society, its goals, what it does, ambitions, history, current projects, membership and he was even invited to give a blessing on the campus!

Here is a little what he said, “The U of  U Pagan Society is a group of students who have reached out to include the community. We currently have seventy members and many monthly activities going on such as crafting classes, classes and rituals.” One of the hosts asked him at that point “What is a ritual?” He explained “A ritual can be a number of things.  For me it means a structured and repetitious ceremony that I can do again and again the same way, or feel free to change it.  For me, I incorporate different parts from different religions like Druidry, Shamanism and Wicca. A ritual for me is a way to connect with deity, ancestors, spirits and the universe.  Really it can be seen as a form of prayer or worship.”

When asked about community and student involvement, President Muad’Dib commented, “We are trying to educate and make everyone aware through experience.  We advertise classes and activities from other groups so that people who are living far away and can’t make it, can know that there are activities going on near them.”

Finally President Muad’Dib gave a simple but elegant blessing over the campus “May there be peace in your heart and success on your midterms this spring break, with lots of relaxing time on vacation. So mote it be.”

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What an exciting time!  We have been asked to appear on the University of Utah Student Radio show.  This Friday, March 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm, tune in to 1620 AM to hear the 10 minute interview by Muad’Dib, talking about UUPS.  He’ll be discussing the groups history, its purpose, what it does and more.  See you all then!




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This July brought us the opportunity to build a community connection with Hawk Watch International of Salt Lake City. They are a predator monitoring organization. We went over and cleaned their water tanks for several hours on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Volunteering is an important part what we believe as a community and student group. We hope to see you all there at the next volunteering event!

hawk watch

Muad’Dib volunteering, Saturday, July 10, 2010, Hawk Watch International, Salt Lake City, UT

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