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Thanks to all who came and made this “once in a blue moon” occasion extra special! On Saturday, Sept 1, 2012 at 8pm, with a crowd of nine, some UUPS members and a few guests gathered. The ritual started out with the usual calling in of deity and elementals to join our work. President Daniel Cureton performed the druid grove open ceremony by proclaiming peace in the quarters and invoking Awen.

Next, those who needed to performed cleansing and charging magic before a welcoming of the new deities to the humble abode of the president. With drums, rattles, sistrums and other percussion instruments, the members and guests hailed and welcomed new gods and goddesses to the circle such as Apollo and Medusa! They certainly showed up, as everyone reported feeling the shivers up and down there spine the power the gods and goddesses bring.

A cleansing by the blue moon came after the welcoming. Everyone was consecrated with smoke from thurber by president Cureton, then they washed their bodies ritually in a basin of water with sweet grass oil representing blood and spirit. President Cureton lit a smokeless fire where he pulled in the Gods and Goddesses and nwyfre, the fire of life and the Earth.  The fire represented the fire within and the burning fire of blue moon. Hands were passed through the fire to give a sealing to the washings and consecrations. President invoked a blessing of Cerriwden, Arianrhod to empower the soul, Shiva to transform, Medusa to see past the physical, Justice to find wisdom, Apollo to see the light within, Ganesh to overcome and Isis to heal the body, mind and spirit of all. The end of the blue moon magic brought an anointing with a special blue moon lunar oil.

Cakes, ale and gratitude offerings were presented to the Goddesses and Gods before closing and dismissing the energy and the grove. The traditional Merry Meet and Merry Part chant finished the magic on this very special blue moon! President Cureton gave everyone tarot readings for the coming month with his special Deviant Moon Tarot to ad an extra punch to the blue moon magic!

Goddess Isis statue

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Welcome Week Tabling 2012

These past weeks were awesome! Many students stopped by UUPS table at Welcome Week on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 10am-2pm on the U of U Student Union West Lawn for free tarot readings. Ganesh watched over the table as president Daniel Cureton and UUPS adviser April Love gave free readings to almost fifty people in the four hours available to students to table at the student union. There were even a few people interested in joining the Pagan Society! All in all, things went well and we got the word out that there is a safe and inclusive space for all persons to come and explore alternative spirituality! 

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