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Hi folks,

Soon under the wing of the Goddess, Hecate’s time will come, Samhain, or Halloween.  As part of the end of October, we will be doing Pagan Awareness Week the last week.  There will be an altar set up at the University of Utah.  Awareness and understanding,  especially at such a commercial time, while peoples guards on witches and pagans has been let down for all the candy they’ll get on this night, is the best time to make the true meaning of this sacred holiday known.  Here is the link to the Facebook group so you all can see the events that are upcoming

As part of that week, don’t be afraid to show you’re a god and/or goddess worshiper!  We want to educate the community on the real meaning of Paganism, so be proud to sport your alternative clothing or jewelry, even if its for an hour!  This is part of the goal of Pagan Awareness Week, to get the local pagan’s out of fear and out of the broom closet! I hope to see you all there!



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