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Gratitude… one spell that isn’t seen in many books. Thanksgiving is one of the most humbling and best ways to dive deep into spiritual workings. UUPS always makes it a point to honor (there are lots of honoring spells) and give thanks to deities whose days pass throughout the year. President Muad’Dib lead the ceremony.

This time it was Columbia, the goddess of America. A few faithful UUPS members met by moon light under a pine tree on Saturday, July 2, 2011 and gave an offering of traditional American food: hot dogs and tater-tots with milk. On the altar were quarter candles and patriotic themed flowers for the Goddess.

Everyone felt humbled and thankful afterward as the presence of Columbia descended and accepted these offerings.

Columbiana Gratitude Altar July 2, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

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Holly and Oak Kings… a fight to the death.. almost. UUPS celebrated the two great Kings of the Year. The Oak King and the Holly King. This Midsummer festival on Friday, June 24, 2011 brought us the esteemed opportunity to reenact the great battle of the two kings, the battle that twice a year ensures one will rule while the other sits at the altar of life.  This time, the Holly King was again crowned ruler for the coming winter months. UUPS sang, danced, beat drums and rang bells in honor of the Holly King. A midsummer fire allowed all present to burn away a bad habit, problem, situation or other form of negative energy in their lives. Many felt uplifted, inspired and joyful. All present had the opportunity to travel down a garden path in a guided meditation to meet and speak with the Holy Holly King himself. The final union of the Holy Holly King and Queen brought a close to the ceremony and the opening of the Midsummer feast. Mainly a garden dinner, full of salads, cabbage, mushroom, pasta and noodles, the occasional yard bird was seen wandering around before quickly vanishing into the carnivorous traps of Holly King himself.  Blessed Be all! Until we merry meet again!

Midsummer 2011 l to r-Sharon Pellum, Derika Jade, Lunar Oak Spirit, Julie Watson and Marian Edmonds Friday, June 24, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

Midsummer 2011 l to r- Julie Watson, Marian Edmonds, Aryssa and Sharon Pellum, Friday,June 24, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

Midsummer 2011 l to r-Woman Between the Wolves, Sharon and Aryssa Pellum, Lunar Oak Spirit, Derika Llemley, Marian Edmonds, Julie Watson Friday, June 24, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

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This year has showered man opportunities among us in the LGBTQ community. As a member of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition, we are allowed to march in the Sunday morning parade! Come dressed in robes, hats and staffs and be ready to carry our banner.

Time: Line up at 8:30 am

Date: Sunday, June 5, 2011

Location: 300 E 400 S

We need people who can march to come and hold the banner, three people would be nice!

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Hi everyone

We have the esteemed opportunity to be participants in the 2011 interfaith service.  We will be ringing bells and invoking the gods of clarity and peace to help everyone. Here are the details

Time: 2-3pm

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Location: First Methodist Church, 203 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

After the service, we will all march to the festival with our banners behind a league of bag pipers! We hope you can all join us for this unique and privelaged experience!

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We have the wonderful opportunity to vend at the 2011 LGBTQ Pride Festival of Salt Lake City.  There are several shifts which need to be covered in order for us to fill all the seats and give everyone a chance to enjoy the festival

Theses are the times slots that currently need filling

Saturday: 7-11 pm, 2 people

Sunday: 2-5pm 2 people.

To sign up, please send your name and time you would like to vend to: uofupagansociety@gmail.com

Each person will need to purchase a ticket at the gate even though they will be vending. The festival has made no except and since we are in the Grass Roots Zone, we only got three free tickets. Please come and support us in our endeavor to bring education, awareness and inclusion to the people of Utah.

Look for our ad in the LGBTQ Newspaper the Q Salt Lake!

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Wow, time to take a breath.  April was super busy!! Here are a few of the things we accomplished in April 2011:

Deciding to go nonprofit

Joining the Terracycle Program

Being sponsored by the local pagan store Kindred Paths

Joining the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

Here are some of the stories:

UUPS Joins Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

One thing UUPS is good at is community outreach.  Here again is another: including LGBTQ persons in their activities and rituals.

This past April, UUPS became a member of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition. “We want to include everyone! There are a lot of pagans who are LGBTQ and lot of LGBTQ who practice a pagan faith, it was only natural and a matter of time before we united forces, like some of the other pagan groups in Salt Lake City, and really showed our support of the LGBTQ community. We especially want them to know that you don’t have to be straight to practice your religion or faith and to be spiritual.” said President Muad’Dib. He goes on to mention “I know people who are straight pagans worshiping and honoring gay gods and goddess and LGBTQ people worshiping and honoring straight gods and goddess!.”

UUPS is excited to participate in their first interfaith service at this years LGBTQ PRIDE festival in Salt Lake City.  The interfaith service is being held at the old Methodist Church of Salt Lake located at 203 e 200 s on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm.  After the service everyone will be able to march behind bag pipers with their groups and banners to the pride festival.


Recycling! Recycling! Or rather… terracycling? What is terracycling?

Terracycling is an organization that came into being in 2001 to collect all those hard to recycle products such as candy wrappers, chip bags, cookie bags, cell phone, cell phones, Neosporin tubes, those red plastic party cups and so on. President Muad’Dib commented “I thought it was a good idea and everyone agreed that its great way to join the global community in not just recycling, but taking it a step further with really trying to make sure everything gets reused.”

Terracycle will give $.02 for each wrapper and bag that is shipped back to their processing center. These items are then processed into usable products such as bags, totes, bottle and more.  Terracycle send out pre-paid boxes and labels each time a full box is sent in, so there is minimal cost involved with shipping.

Collection dates for UUPS: Please bring your candy wrappers, cookie wrappers (like Oreo and Keebler) and their trays to the last weekly meeting of each month.

We hope to keep moving forward with outreaching our arm to help, involve and support the community and students.  We hope May brings us many more opportunities !



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Thanks to everyone for all the hard work accomplished in March! April has been a busy month, but isn’t holding anyone back!

KUTE Radio Interview

On Friday, March 18, 2011, President Muad’Dib was asked to appear on our very own 1620 AM University radio K-UTE.  President Muad’Dib was asked to explain and talk about the U of U Pagan Society, its goals, what it does, ambitions, history, current projects, membership and he was even invited to give a blessing on the campus!

Here is a little what he said, “The U of  U Pagan Society is a group of students who have reached out to include the community. We currently have seventy members and many monthly activities going on such as crafting classes, classes and rituals.” One of the hosts asked him at that point “What is a ritual?” He explained “A ritual can be a number of things.  For me it means a structured and repetitious ceremony that I can do again and again the same way, or feel free to change it.  For me, I incorporate different parts from different religions like Druidry, Shamanism and Wicca. A ritual for me is a way to connect with deity, ancestors, spirits and the universe.  Really it can be seen as a form of prayer or worship.”

When asked about community and student involvement, President Muad’Dib commented, “We are trying to educate and make everyone aware through experience.  We advertise classes and activities from other groups so that people who are living far away and can’t make it, can know that there are activities going on near them.”

Finally President Muad’Dib gave a simple but elegant blessing over the campus “May there be peace in your heart and success on your midterms this spring break, with lots of relaxing time on vacation. So mote it be.”

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So now that everyone has settled in, lets dig in! Brigid is about to arrive as this month we have Imbolc as well as a new and full moon we are doing. About average activity for a group this size. We are in the works of getting speakers from the community and one big speaker——- Oberon-Zell Ravenheart in September. We would like to bring him in for Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day 2011. He has sent us the break down of his cost and what he requires, and to say the least, we are going to have to pull the larger community of salt lake together to cover the 30 % of the expense and 50 % of his travel. The University will cover 70 % of the cost of everything outside travel. His one day fee is $500.00 and he requires a driver and three meals a day and a booth for selling his items.. So if you haven’t got the feeling,… its going to be a lot of work to bring him in and have it all work out without calamity befalling us!! What are some of your ideas about OZ? Should we try and invite him to speak or lead a ritual? Email us and let us know or reply with your ideas on the discussion on Facebook or our website.

Volunteering: It is our goal to have one volunteering activity per semester (at least). We are planning that now, do you have an idea for spring 2011 volunteering project? Email us or reply on facebook and the website!

Sundays: Weekly meeting at the Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City (12 w 300 s) at 11:00 am. This is the important place where everyone can pool together. This is also where we do our planning and finalize events! Please come and voice your ideas.

Needed: Students!! We need more student participation and activity.

Needed: Volunteers for posting fliers around Salt Lake valley. There are many places that have cork boards that allow posting such as coffee shops and grocery stores. If you are willing to post a few while you are out in town, please email us and let us know so we can get those fliers to you!

Needed: Carpooling– there are a fair amount of members who live far away and have difficulty attending meetings and activities because of lack of perosonal/ UTA transportation to the areas where they live. There is a place on facebook to post a replies and coordinate carpooling/ transportation.

Have a wonderful Imbolc!

Bright Blessings!

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Hi folks,

Soon under the wing of the Goddess, Hecate’s time will come, Samhain, or Halloween.  As part of the end of October, we will be doing Pagan Awareness Week the last week.  There will be an altar set up at the University of Utah.  Awareness and understanding,  especially at such a commercial time, while peoples guards on witches and pagans has been let down for all the candy they’ll get on this night, is the best time to make the true meaning of this sacred holiday known.  Here is the link to the Facebook group so you all can see the events that are upcoming

As part of that week, don’t be afraid to show you’re a god and/or goddess worshiper!  We want to educate the community on the real meaning of Paganism, so be proud to sport your alternative clothing or jewelry, even if its for an hour!  This is part of the goal of Pagan Awareness Week, to get the local pagan’s out of fear and out of the broom closet! I hope to see you all there!



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Thanks to all who made the Mabon and full moon rituals a great time in Big Cottonwood Canyon! We prepared the site before and made a circle of stones. Only after we had gathered the stones, did we see the beautiful scrub oak tree hanging inside the circle to the north!

We did a ritual putting out of the fires for the coming months of darkness, sang songs and danced around the fires, all before having a delicious butternut squash soup!

Thanks to all

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