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President Muad’Dib had the unique opportunity to participate in an Ostara Ritual with our eastern brothers and sister in Rockingham, NC.

President Muad’Dib relates some of his experience, “I had the best time this past spring break. I drove up from Columbia, SC, where my parents live to Rockingham, NC, about a three hour drive up U.S. Hgwy 1 on Monday, March 21, 2011. I got there in time to meet up and drive ten minutes to a smaller town where the healing center was we would be renting for the space. We had an Easter egg hunt, in which I mowed everyone over and won, then we set up the five altars, one for each direction and the main altar, and waited for dark.  It got to be so late we finally had to bring them and do it.

The altars were so beautifully decorated with flowers, eggs and natural items. I was in the north and really loved using a dogwood branch for my wand. It still had the buds on it! I really enjoyed that. We listened as the high priestesses related the story of Ostara to us, then guided us into an egg for path working. We all meet the Green Man in front of an oak tree. We listened to what he had to say before leaving again. These are such great people!  We can learn a lot from the magic of the east!”

Ostara 2011, J. Mohlere (l) and Muad’Dib, U of U Pagan Society combined Ostara with Spirit of the Evergreens Coven, March 21, 2011 Pinehurst, NC

Ostara 2011, l to r Val Mohlere, Laura Redman, J. Mohlere, U of U Pagan Society combined Ostara with Spirit of the Evergreens Coven, March 21, 2011, Pinehurst, NC

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This past month brought us the wonderful opportunity again to see our wonderful brothers and sisters from Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan, Ut on Saturday, March 19, 2011. They celebrate and honored Liber Pater with the Roman Spring Holiday Liberalia. Masks were hung in trees, wreaths were worn on the heads and togas worn! Callista Midnyte Dreamwalker (fourth from right) related her experience, “Liberlia was a very powerful experience. It was my first ritual I ever  attended and I was nervous. However when we arrived we were invited into the circle among many fellow pagans. We called upon the God and Goddess not just of the Romans but also of others. I enjoyed the company and felt the Gods and Goddesses presence.  I felt their joy in our gathering. This three hour drive was completely worth it!” Saerra Fairbrother said “ I am so glad I went. It was a great time and I even met a woman who will be moving to go to SLCC with us in the fall.”

UUPS is very excited and cannot wait to see and join in the next celebration with USUPA! We are grateful to our wonderful friend and President of USUPA Kassie (second from right).

This month we are focusing on getting sponsored by one of the local businesses and setting up for the PRIDE Festival.  We also have added a new event page to the website so everyone can keep up to date on what is going on with UUPS!

Liberalia with USUPA, Front row r to l-Kassie Cressal, Callista Dreamwalker, Back (2nd from right) Anya Hawke, Saturday, March 19, 2011, Logan, UT


Liberalia 2011, Utah State University Pagan Alliance (USUPA) l to r-Isaac Furniss, Kassies Cressal, and Anya Hawke, U of U Pagan Society combined with USU Pagan Alliance, Saturday, March 19 2011, Logan, UT 

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What an exciting time!  We have been asked to appear on the University of Utah Student Radio show.  This Friday, March 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm, tune in to 1620 AM to hear the 10 minute interview by Muad’Dib, talking about UUPS.  He’ll be discussing the groups history, its purpose, what it does and more.  See you all then!




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Hi folks,

What a great month in February as we saw and heard the Goddess Brigid!! March is the time for us to see our fellow Pagan brothers and sisters at Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan. They are putting on a spring Holiday, Liberalia, a Roman Spring, in honor of Liber Pater and Libera! He traditionally is a God of fertility, vegetation and wine and this day marked adolescent boys of 14 to maturation into manhood. This is a time of sacrifice, song, and hanging masks on trees! I hope you all can attend the celebration and give honor to Liber Pater and Libera.

Since USUPA is doing a spring holiday, UUPS will not put on a ritual.  This is our time to visit and attend USUPA

UUPS believes its important to reach out to the community and build ties, whether it be with the University of a local business or organization. As such, its time we start thinking about our semester volunteering!

This month is the U’s spring break, so we’ll all be taking the 21-25 off from school, so there will be no weekly meeting those two Sundays (March 20th and 27th).

Also check out the upcoming events page to see a list of all UUPS Events and Classes! Updated Monthly!



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