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Beloved business, Kindred Paths, has filed for bankruptcy as of January 11, 2012. Once known as Spell Bound off of 14th S. and Highland Dr., the shop had to move to its location on 3800 S. and Highland Dr. due to the bank selling the building. The move meant getting out in a hurry August 2010 to comply with the new owners, who later tore down the old structure to build a new apartment tower on the site.
Kindred Paths was able to find a new home in a strip mall just off 3900 S. The move though lost many customers. This happens with any move, people think the shop closed. In the following year and a half, some old folks returned and found the shop again, but this business, as well as the down side of the new location being more a “destination location,” was not enough to keep Nighttree, owner of the shop, afloat.
Some of the community members even came together to host fundraising parties for the store. Willow Tilley, a local psychic, did monthly parties with must and events to encourage business.
President Muad’Dib talks about his experience going to the shop “I found Spell Bound in September 2008 while living in Provo. I stopped by one time while in Salt Lake and met Steve Turner, aka Nighttree. I was freshly Pagan, and interested in joining his druid clan Skyclad. The shop was still over on 14th S. I went to the new location as I knew he had moved. I visited frequently, spending lots of time talking to Steve, shopping, and even did a few classes there. I also attended classes by Steve, such as his Ogham meditations and rituals by Horus Oasis O.T.O.
Steve was always trying to find ways to bring in business. It’s so sad we have to loose a great part of the Pagan community.”
SLPS went and bought as many items as it could on budget to lessen the bankruptcy. Muad’Dib picked up the Medieval Cat Tarot, a bookcase, and Steve’s old round oak table that sat in the shop.

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Wow, time to take a breath.  April was super busy!! Here are a few of the things we accomplished in April 2011:

Deciding to go nonprofit

Joining the Terracycle Program

Being sponsored by the local pagan store Kindred Paths

Joining the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

Here are some of the stories:

UUPS Joins Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

One thing UUPS is good at is community outreach.  Here again is another: including LGBTQ persons in their activities and rituals.

This past April, UUPS became a member of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition. “We want to include everyone! There are a lot of pagans who are LGBTQ and lot of LGBTQ who practice a pagan faith, it was only natural and a matter of time before we united forces, like some of the other pagan groups in Salt Lake City, and really showed our support of the LGBTQ community. We especially want them to know that you don’t have to be straight to practice your religion or faith and to be spiritual.” said President Muad’Dib. He goes on to mention “I know people who are straight pagans worshiping and honoring gay gods and goddess and LGBTQ people worshiping and honoring straight gods and goddess!.”

UUPS is excited to participate in their first interfaith service at this years LGBTQ PRIDE festival in Salt Lake City.  The interfaith service is being held at the old Methodist Church of Salt Lake located at 203 e 200 s on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm.  After the service everyone will be able to march behind bag pipers with their groups and banners to the pride festival.


Recycling! Recycling! Or rather… terracycling? What is terracycling?

Terracycling is an organization that came into being in 2001 to collect all those hard to recycle products such as candy wrappers, chip bags, cookie bags, cell phone, cell phones, Neosporin tubes, those red plastic party cups and so on. President Muad’Dib commented “I thought it was a good idea and everyone agreed that its great way to join the global community in not just recycling, but taking it a step further with really trying to make sure everything gets reused.”

Terracycle will give $.02 for each wrapper and bag that is shipped back to their processing center. These items are then processed into usable products such as bags, totes, bottle and more.  Terracycle send out pre-paid boxes and labels each time a full box is sent in, so there is minimal cost involved with shipping.

Collection dates for UUPS: Please bring your candy wrappers, cookie wrappers (like Oreo and Keebler) and their trays to the last weekly meeting of each month.

We hope to keep moving forward with outreaching our arm to help, involve and support the community and students.  We hope May brings us many more opportunities !



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Hi folks,

What a great month in February as we saw and heard the Goddess Brigid!! March is the time for us to see our fellow Pagan brothers and sisters at Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan. They are putting on a spring Holiday, Liberalia, a Roman Spring, in honor of Liber Pater and Libera! He traditionally is a God of fertility, vegetation and wine and this day marked adolescent boys of 14 to maturation into manhood. This is a time of sacrifice, song, and hanging masks on trees! I hope you all can attend the celebration and give honor to Liber Pater and Libera.

Since USUPA is doing a spring holiday, UUPS will not put on a ritual.  This is our time to visit and attend USUPA

UUPS believes its important to reach out to the community and build ties, whether it be with the University of a local business or organization. As such, its time we start thinking about our semester volunteering!

This month is the U’s spring break, so we’ll all be taking the 21-25 off from school, so there will be no weekly meeting those two Sundays (March 20th and 27th).

Also check out the upcoming events page to see a list of all UUPS Events and Classes! Updated Monthly!



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