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This year has showered man opportunities among us in the LGBTQ community. As a member of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition, we are allowed to march in the Sunday morning parade! Come dressed in robes, hats and staffs and be ready to carry our banner.

Time: Line up at 8:30 am

Date: Sunday, June 5, 2011

Location: 300 E 400 S

We need people who can march to come and hold the banner, three people would be nice!

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Hi everyone

We have the esteemed opportunity to be participants in the 2011 interfaith service.  We will be ringing bells and invoking the gods of clarity and peace to help everyone. Here are the details

Time: 2-3pm

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Location: First Methodist Church, 203 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

After the service, we will all march to the festival with our banners behind a league of bag pipers! We hope you can all join us for this unique and privelaged experience!

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We have the wonderful opportunity to vend at the 2011 LGBTQ Pride Festival of Salt Lake City.  There are several shifts which need to be covered in order for us to fill all the seats and give everyone a chance to enjoy the festival

Theses are the times slots that currently need filling

Saturday: 7-11 pm, 2 people

Sunday: 2-5pm 2 people.

To sign up, please send your name and time you would like to vend to: uofupagansociety@gmail.com

Each person will need to purchase a ticket at the gate even though they will be vending. The festival has made no except and since we are in the Grass Roots Zone, we only got three free tickets. Please come and support us in our endeavor to bring education, awareness and inclusion to the people of Utah.

Look for our ad in the LGBTQ Newspaper the Q Salt Lake!

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A few select members of the Pagan Society meet under the beautiful gaze and light of the full moon to give honor and grace to the Moon Goddess on May 17, 2011 at 8pm.

After a few magical workings, personal offerings were given and treats shared among the members. Till next we meet!

Full Moon Ritual Fire Wizard May 17, 2011 Salt Lake City, UT

Full Moon Ritual, Fire Wizard May 17, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

Full Moon Ritual, Fire Runner (l) and Mustard Seed, May 17, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

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Wow, time to take a breath.  April was super busy!! Here are a few of the things we accomplished in April 2011:

Deciding to go nonprofit

Joining the Terracycle Program

Being sponsored by the local pagan store Kindred Paths

Joining the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

Here are some of the stories:

UUPS Joins Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition

One thing UUPS is good at is community outreach.  Here again is another: including LGBTQ persons in their activities and rituals.

This past April, UUPS became a member of the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition. “We want to include everyone! There are a lot of pagans who are LGBTQ and lot of LGBTQ who practice a pagan faith, it was only natural and a matter of time before we united forces, like some of the other pagan groups in Salt Lake City, and really showed our support of the LGBTQ community. We especially want them to know that you don’t have to be straight to practice your religion or faith and to be spiritual.” said President Muad’Dib. He goes on to mention “I know people who are straight pagans worshiping and honoring gay gods and goddess and LGBTQ people worshiping and honoring straight gods and goddess!.”

UUPS is excited to participate in their first interfaith service at this years LGBTQ PRIDE festival in Salt Lake City.  The interfaith service is being held at the old Methodist Church of Salt Lake located at 203 e 200 s on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm.  After the service everyone will be able to march behind bag pipers with their groups and banners to the pride festival.


Recycling! Recycling! Or rather… terracycling? What is terracycling?

Terracycling is an organization that came into being in 2001 to collect all those hard to recycle products such as candy wrappers, chip bags, cookie bags, cell phone, cell phones, Neosporin tubes, those red plastic party cups and so on. President Muad’Dib commented “I thought it was a good idea and everyone agreed that its great way to join the global community in not just recycling, but taking it a step further with really trying to make sure everything gets reused.”

Terracycle will give $.02 for each wrapper and bag that is shipped back to their processing center. These items are then processed into usable products such as bags, totes, bottle and more.  Terracycle send out pre-paid boxes and labels each time a full box is sent in, so there is minimal cost involved with shipping.

Collection dates for UUPS: Please bring your candy wrappers, cookie wrappers (like Oreo and Keebler) and their trays to the last weekly meeting of each month.

We hope to keep moving forward with outreaching our arm to help, involve and support the community and students.  We hope May brings us many more opportunities !



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This past April 30 UUPS had a great opportunity to table at the 2011 Earth Jam Festival held in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park.

Earth Jam is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of environmental issues with a free festival and free concerts.

The weather was not favorable on this morning, with upwards of eight inches of snow in the valley. The sun did come out later to shine its face and warm up the participants and vendors.

“The weather was awful, cold, snowy and some wind. Despite that, we did have about fifteen people sign up to receive our newsletter and many people stopped by for information and pamphlets” said President Muad’Dib.

President Muad’Dib even secured a five minute speaking spot between stage changes of the bands to talk about the group. He commented, “I spoke for a few minutes, but no one was really listening. The problem really was that no one was there because of the weather!  A few lolly gaggers, but they all left once I got to the mic.”

Sorry President Muad’Dib! Hopefully next years Earth Jam will have Gaia treating the crowds with a more tender fist!

Earth Jam 2011 Tabling, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT

Earth Jam 2011 Tabling, Sarah Cochran (l) and Muad’Dib, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT

Earth Jam 2011 Tabling, Autin Bakaric (l) and Sarah Cochran, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT


Earth Jam 2011 tabling, l to r- Austin Bakaric, Sarah Cochran, and Abbie Minckler, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT


Earth Jam 2011, Music Stage side, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT


Earth Jam 2011, Music Stage, May 1, 2011, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT

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