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Everyone should come pull down the power of the Blue Moon. The “once in a blue moon” is a special time to empower your soul, cleanse your mind and really add power to the spells, emotions, goals and dreams your working on. Come experience the power of the moon Goddess in her Blue form this September 1, 2012 at 8pm!

(Flyer by Amber Hafen)

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Each month brings the opportunity for the members of the U of U Pagan Society to gather the drums and candles and welcome back the new moon into their lives! This past Saturday, August 18, 2012,  everyone gathered at president Daniel Cureton’s House to work new moon magic and meditate by a smokeless fire.

The drumming helped those present to trance into a state of higher consciousnesses and do journeyings to other realms to communicate with ancestors, spirits and deity. As the drumming rolled into the night, several members reported seeing ancestors and even the Goddess Isis! The high energy made it difficult for some to want to come back this corporeal realm.. they wanted to stay with the Gods! The Om meditation after the drums helped bring them back from those other blessed states.

The magic concluded with a few cleansing and charging of items as well as a healing spell for a fellow pagan under the weather. The Green Man made a visit and gave messages to each person after they were anointed with the power and blessing of the new moon.

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President Daniel Cureton provided free tarot readings for the students moving into the dorms at the University of Utah Heritage Halls on Thursday, August 16, 2012 . Several groups lined the main entrance and were there to recruit students, including LDSSA and Frisbee golf. President Cureton did a few readings while he received some side glances and evil eyes from parents of freshman.

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This past Saturday, August 4, 2012 brought many fun experiences and blessing on all whom attended the Lughnasadh celebrations and feastings! Lugh himself and his consort goddess Rosmerta (the Moon) were present and even spoke to the audience!!!  Lughnasadh is the time for celebration of the first harvest and Lugh, the Celtic Sun God!

The ritual started off with the usual clearing and cleansing of the sacred space at the Salt Lake City Temple of the Sun and Moon. After the barriers were put up, President Daniel Cureton opened the circle in the revivalist druidic style before calling in the four quarters. With everything and everyone present, including the archangels, everyone present was blessed by the God Lugh and his consort Rosmerta.  They shook bells and chimes to help focus the energy. President Cureton then called upon the Goddess Sul, the Celtic Sun Goddess, to give grace and guidance to all present. With the beating of a drum and the shaking of the chimes, Sul showed up on que, electrified and ecstatic to be there! She opened the way for others who were experiencing journings and feelings of love in the circle! Several reported being swept away to the clouds for a time during Sul’s presence!

After the druid rite of Sul, everyone present partook of the sacred bread, traditionally baked and offered at Lughansadh as part of the first harvest… except this bread turned out extra special in the oven. Lugh himself was seen in the kitchen shaping these into nothing else but the proper representation of the Celtic Sun God… the phallic! With the semi beltane energy and the rise phallic of the Sun God… all were very grateful to give thanks and tell everyone what they are thankful for at this harvest time. The phallices were thrown into the Lugh fire and president Cureton read the story of the Tuatha de Danann to close up the rite!

Shrimp creole was served as the main course at the feasting and that concluded the celebrations! Thanks to all who attended and made this Lughnasad extra special…till next we meet! Check out the photos below!

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