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UUPS Membership BBQ

Hi Everyone,

Today is the membership BBQ. Come by Muad’Dib’s House for some food, fun, membership forms and to pay your dues~! It starts at 7 and goes till… August is when dues are well, due. So come join in and be part of Salt Lake’s most diverse group of student and community pagans!

Muad’Dib’s place

7455 Parkridge Cir (1870 e 7455 s)

Cell: 801 709 4632

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What an exciting time!  We have been asked to appear on the University of Utah Student Radio show.  This Friday, March 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm, tune in to 1620 AM to hear the 10 minute interview by Muad’Dib, talking about UUPS.  He’ll be discussing the groups history, its purpose, what it does and more.  See you all then!




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