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As Mabon has passed and Samhain approaches, the dark time of the year has come again. A time to reflect, turn inward, and reflect on our inner self, and seek wisdom to improve our lives. Many do this through meditation and ritual.  As we do this, let us not forget why we are on the path we are on, in this world, walking to or away from the Gods and Goddesses. I give many blessings to all on this journey, I wish you success, patience, courage and faith to walk forward in the darkest parts of the Universe, ourselves.


Many blessings



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Once again the wheel has turned and we are brought to the fall equinox, a great time of division and preparation for dark times. The second harvest is in and now is the time to thank the dying god and aging goddess!


Join us for a Mabon Ritual

When: Sunday, September 25, 2011

What time: 7pm

Where: Muad’Dib’s House-Call or text for directions 801 709 4632


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