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Sad news to report, we had a run in with a demon.

A guest who had attended our Midsummer, whom we met at pride, seemed like a good person. He came to our Witches’ tea and checked out (so it seemed).

He asked to throw a few things in the fire, a small Beltane pole, and a poppet… he left very quickly after the ritual and said he was “having stomach issues.”

That night about 2am, the demon showed up. Everyone was around the fire outside, but the noises and uneasiness of the environment were felt, eyes were upon us and everyone was on edge. I personally saw the demon, black figure with white eyes, rush towards me from the Ganesh shrine. It later tried to posses me. I called Gwen Allen, our voodoo priestess and she sent Mama Brigitte over to eat it once it was trapped in the bathroom upstairs (Gwen told us it was hiding in there). We put white cornmeal across the seal, said the Lord’s Prayer, made the cross on the door, and propped up against it one of Woman Between the Wolve’s mother’s green chairs that turned out to be solid Oak (most sacred to the druids).

$500 later (Gwen’s price) and it was gone by morning, eaten by the Goddess of the cemetery, Brigitte,  lwa of death, wife of Baron Samedi in Voodoo.

All the members of SLPS stayed up through the night, sitting around the fire, meditating and praying it would leave us be. Several times through the early witching hours it sent us messages to “open the door”, giving us images in our minds that we were letting it out. Woman Between the Wolves had heard people laughing in the living room, when everyone else was outside the house.

By 8am the members went to sleep, finally able to rest in the light of day. The door was opened at noon, and the nothing left by the ethereal nether ashes from what was found out to be one of the 7 kings of hell. All this, from a poppet.

The reason it was able to get inside was that it came from within, it was dropped in our sacred Midsummer fire, whatever that man, Steve from Colorado, had put in the yellow doll. This probably is the worst example of what strangers, especially those with ill intent can do to a coven or circle. You let folks in who troll and abuse, and make it worse for everyone else after them, forcing us to close our doors to the public.

Because of this, ritual attendance, membership, and meetings will be restricted. SLPS is on hiatus until further notice. Expect many changes in the way the organization conducts business. We have survived something most groups should never and don’t see, but we are stronger for it, our path in the unknown is not without trials and situations, but you must be ready to face them all, even crowned kings of hell if need be.

Bright Blessings /|\,


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There will be no Witches’ Tea Sunday, May 11, 2014. Everyone enjoy Mother’s day!

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Just a reminder there is no meeting today as Cafe Solstice is closed for Easter. We are back on next week, Sunday April 27, 2014

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Hi Folks. just a heads up that there will be no meeting, Witches Tea at Cafe Solstice today Sunday, February 2, 2014. Pres Muad’Dib is sick and doesn’t want to spread it around

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No Witches’ Tea today for Sunday, December 29, 2013, see you all in 2014. Have a Happy New Year!

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Hi all, due to several circumstances, witches’ tea is cancelled for October 6, 2013. Sorry for any inconvenience they may have caused. Please join us next Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 11am at Cafe Solstice.

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It has been decided… the Salt Lake Pagan Society will be meeting at Cafe Solstice inside Dancing Cranes Imports. After several weeks of searching for a new meeting place, Cafe Solstice came out triumphant. “With being a new age place, good food, prices, friend staff and the soon opening 700 E trolley line from TRAX, this was the ideal location. And with the addition of Dancing Cranes inside, it makes it easy to pick up supplies on a weekly basis” said President Muad’Dib. Come join us the starting on the second Sunday in August (August 11th) after Lughnasadh at our new location!

cafe solstice header

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Witches’ Tea for Sunday, July 21, 2013 will be held at Cafe on 1st, in Downtown SLC. Please join us in our search for a new home as we try different business. Tea will be at 11am as usual. The Cafe is located 39 I St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103.

2013-07-28 11.51.47

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Witches’ Tea for Sunday, July 21, 2013 will be held at The Rose Establishment in Downtown SLC. Please join us in our search for a new home as we try different business. Tea will be at 11am as usual. The Establishment is located off 235 S and 400 W. There is a Gateway trax stop across the street for all public transit users.

rose establishment

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Witches’ Tea for Sunday, July 14, 2013 will be held at Tea Grotto in Downtown SLC. Please join us in our search for a new home as we try different business. Tea will be at 11am as usual. The Grotto is located off 400 E and 900 S. Check the events for full location details.

tea grotto

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While in the middle of a displacement due to the Beehive Tea Room being closed the month of June and into July, Witches’ Tea for Sunday, July 7, 2013 will be held at Cafe Solstice inside Dancing Crane Imports 673 Simpson Ave (2240 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84106. Please join us there at 12pm. If you’re taking public transit, there is no bus service for the 307 that runs on 700 E, but there is service for the Bus 21 running East to West along 2100 S from the 2100 S Trax stop Central Point.


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While in the middle of a displacement due to the Beehive Tea Room being closed the month of June, Witches’ Tea for Sunday, June 30, 2013 will be held at Bad Ass Coffee. Please join us there at 11am. If you’re taking public transit, it is 3500 s on State and the Millcreek Trax Stop. Hope to see you all there!

bad ass coffee

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The First Witches’ Tea of 2013 was a hit! Eight SLPS members and guests showed up for tea, talk and the tarot! Everything went well until the Beehive Tea Room’s credit card machine went down… then it was running to the ATM at Zion’s Bank for cash! Thankfully Rena Fairbrother covered everyone on hand who never carry the good greens. With the start of the semester tomorrow, SLPS hopes that as the months role by, tea will continue to grow and have more folks showing up to attend one of the best places in the valley!

Witches’ Tea l to r: Piggy, Rena Fairbrother, Daniel (baby) Fairbrother, Laura Farnsworth, Callista Dreamwalker, Muad’Dib, Steven Wellington, Shy Fox, Beehive Tea Room, January 6, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT

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The last witches’ Tea of 2012 went well! The number of regulars to the beehive tea room has grow considerably from a few to around eight to ten on a regular basis. We may have to move venues if the numbers keep up! Everyone enjoyed each others company, drank tea, ate lunch and were even serenaded by president Muad’Dib testing a potential violin he may purchase! Not a bad wrap up to a fun fill year. SLPS hopes 2013 brings even more opportunities for magic, community and tea!

Witches’ Tea l to r- Kendra and Bri Kennedy, Azetta Seedling of the Blue Dragon, Steven Wellington, Stephanie, Callista Dreamwalker, Tyson Chase, and Muad’Dib, Beehive Tea Room, December 30, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT

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No Tea Sunday, September 23, 2012

After such a wonderful Mabon celebration and feast, the members need to charge up again and get rested. No tea today for the pagan society. See you all next week!

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