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UUPS is pleased to announce the arrival of a new officer! Kirsten Caron has gladly volunteered to fill the Public Relations Manager Officer for the coming year. Here is her Bio: “Kirsten Caron is a senior at the University of Utah working on a double major in film studies and history. Kirsten is a self-dedicated priestess of Aphrodite. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, writing, film making, pin-up modeling, play video games and watching movies. Her guilty pleasures include Law and Order, Keanu Reeves and Abba. Kirsten studies divination, dream interpretation, folk lore and psychic awareness. She currently lives with her daughter, Willow, in Midvale with their 2 cats and a host of fae visitors.” “I am very excited to have her on board. Its high time we have someone who is capable and committed. There are many things we do that have a need for a PR person from scheduling rooms, planning rituals with other groups and communicating with different authors we are thinking about bringing in.” Said President Muad’Dib. Kirsten is also looking forward to a new opportunity. In her own words “I’ve glad to be here and get involved. I can feel great things coming!”.

Kirsten Caron

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