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As groups evolve and change, so to do the needs of its members. The starting in 2019 the Salt Lake Pagan Society will move beyond domestic geography to be just “The Pagan Society”, inclusive of people around the world. We are updating names for better privacy on all our old blog posts from the archives. It will take some time to shift the administrative paperwork to a new name, but we will be victorious!

Welcome to year 10 of the Society!

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To all the readers, the time has come to archive the archives… from the front page. SLPS has decided to shelve internally its content. It has retained some of the more important community stories on the rolling blog and archives sidebar, but all other posts have been internally archived on the WordPress server (don’t worry, we wouldn’t delete our digital history!). This was to clean up the blog itself and to allow for easier reading. We look forward now to years of practice, rituals, events, readings, community service, and fun to come. You can still find old posts using the search box, searching subject tags such as “Pride, Moab, rituals, community service, Ostara, Plazafest” and etc. We also have archived our blog over the years in the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive.

We plan to do an annual archive of stories to keep the new year fresh. All our pictures are still available on our Facebook page. If you are conducting research and history, and can’t find a post, please contact us and we can assist you.

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