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Hi everyone

We have the esteemed opportunity to be participants in the 2011 interfaith service.  We will be ringing bells and invoking the gods of clarity and peace to help everyone. Here are the details

Time: 2-3pm

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Location: First Methodist Church, 203 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

After the service, we will all march to the festival with our banners behind a league of bag pipers! We hope you can all join us for this unique and privelaged experience!

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In April 2011, an agreement was reached: Kindred Paths would become a sponsor of the U of U Pagan Society.

UUPS is very pleased to have the backing of Salt Lake City’s Finest full service Pagan store.

“I was very happy that we could work something out. I feel so much support from Kindred Paths and the community. We hope to maintain ties and build each other up in the process.” said President Muad’Dib

Steve Turner, the owner said “I don’t mind being associated, helping and supporting this great group of people. They are doing good things for the community and it’s important we help each other, instead of being isolated like a lot of folks tend to be.”

UUPS has no fiscal minimum set to be a sponsor, but welcomes everyone who is interested in becoming one.

Store front of Kindred Paths on Highland Dr and 3900 S.

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Thanks to everyone for all the hard work accomplished in March! April has been a busy month, but isn’t holding anyone back!

KUTE Radio Interview

On Friday, March 18, 2011, President Muad’Dib was asked to appear on our very own 1620 AM University radio K-UTE.  President Muad’Dib was asked to explain and talk about the U of U Pagan Society, its goals, what it does, ambitions, history, current projects, membership and he was even invited to give a blessing on the campus!

Here is a little what he said, “The U of  U Pagan Society is a group of students who have reached out to include the community. We currently have seventy members and many monthly activities going on such as crafting classes, classes and rituals.” One of the hosts asked him at that point “What is a ritual?” He explained “A ritual can be a number of things.  For me it means a structured and repetitious ceremony that I can do again and again the same way, or feel free to change it.  For me, I incorporate different parts from different religions like Druidry, Shamanism and Wicca. A ritual for me is a way to connect with deity, ancestors, spirits and the universe.  Really it can be seen as a form of prayer or worship.”

When asked about community and student involvement, President Muad’Dib commented, “We are trying to educate and make everyone aware through experience.  We advertise classes and activities from other groups so that people who are living far away and can’t make it, can know that there are activities going on near them.”

Finally President Muad’Dib gave a simple but elegant blessing over the campus “May there be peace in your heart and success on your midterms this spring break, with lots of relaxing time on vacation. So mote it be.”

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This past month brought us the wonderful opportunity again to see our wonderful brothers and sisters from Utah State University Pagan Alliance in Logan, Ut on Saturday, March 19, 2011. They celebrate and honored Liber Pater with the Roman Spring Holiday Liberalia. Masks were hung in trees, wreaths were worn on the heads and togas worn! Callista Midnyte Dreamwalker (fourth from right) related her experience, “Liberlia was a very powerful experience. It was my first ritual I ever  attended and I was nervous. However when we arrived we were invited into the circle among many fellow pagans. We called upon the God and Goddess not just of the Romans but also of others. I enjoyed the company and felt the Gods and Goddesses presence.  I felt their joy in our gathering. This three hour drive was completely worth it!” Saerra Fairbrother (end right) said “ I am so glad I went. It was a great time and I even met a woman who will be moving to go to SLCC with us in the fall.”

UUPS is very excited and cannot wait to see and join in the next celebration with USUPA! We are grateful to our wonderful friend and President of USUPA Kassie (second from right).

This month we are focusing on getting sponsored by one of the local businesses and setting up for the PRIDE Festival.  We also have added a new event page to the website so everyone can keep up to date on what is going on with UUPS!


Liberalia with USUPA, Front row r to l-Kassie Cressal, Callista Dreamwalker, Saturday, March 19, 2011, Logan UT


Liberalia 2011 Utah State University Pagan Alliance (USUPA) l to r Isaac Furniss, Kassies Cressal and Anya Hawke, U of U Pagan Society combined with USU Pagan Alliance, Saturday, March 19 2011, Logan, UT 

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This past Friday December 18, 2009 brought the wonderful opportunity for UUPS to work with its newly formed offshoot group WANDS of Westminster College. A neo shamanic rite was performed by their leader, Christian under snow and full moon! A few members from both groups gathered on the south sound of the college at the amphitheater by a running rive to give honor and praise to father sky and mother earth. The crowning salute came with a drawn sword and refreshments of apple cider. UUPS can’t wait to work again with WANDS! Hail!

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This past Friday, November 19, 2010, a few of the dedicated Harry Potter fans who are members of UUPS met at the Gateway theater in SLC, Ut to attend the premier of Part I of the Deathly Hallows. What an amazing event! UUPS members were not the only persons dressed to the T in proper wizarding regalia… a number of muggles turned up in hats and robes to show their support. Member Amber Hafen said “I was shocked and moved and can’t wait for the second one. The saddest part was when Dobby died. I couldn’t believe it! I was going ‘NOOOOO'”

President Muad’Dib said “This is one of the few times we can talk around and people don’t think we are just a bunch of weirdos in costume… right now we are just a bunch of people in costume!”

UUPS can’t wait for next year to attend the final end to the Epic Saga of love, magic, right, wrong and sparkly hats! Till next we meet!

Daniel C at HP and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 Nov 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I Movie Release, Muad’Dib, November 19, 2010, Gateway Megaplex Theater, Salt Lake City, UT

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In keeping with its goal to become an official student group, the University of Utah Pagan Society had to make one very specific change: Its name. The University of Utah Pagan Society is now the U of U Pagan Society. “We had all these ideas and visions, then we met reality. ASUU said that no group is an ‘official’ entity, like a department or college of the university, so we can’t call ourselves that. It’s all so that if we get in trouble with the law, the law can’t come back and say ‘Well you’re University Pagan Society was doing this…’ I think it’s safe, but also a little surprising
personally that they go to measurers like that to ensure their safety. Everyone will just have to be imaginative and believe ‘U of U’ stands for University of Utah. We can still get funding from them, we just can’t call ourselves after them. This also means we have freedom to do as we please. Perform ritual naked, drink wine, light candles and fires… all off camps of course!” Said President Cureton. What a very exciting time, many blessings and luck as you figure this all out UUPS

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Upcoming Ideas

Since we were founded so close the the new year, we took a little break

But we are back! The semester is rolling and we have time to think again.

So a few ideas have been passed around and what seems best is to start with is the next upcoming holiday Ostara.  It will be led by Daniel Cureton in the Wiccan Tradition.. Further details coming!! Look on the event page to see when its happening



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