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Holly and Oak Kings… a fight to the death.. almost. UUPS celebrated the two great Kings of the Year. The Oak King and the Holly King. This Midsummer festival on Friday, June 24, 2011 brought us the esteemed opportunity to reenact the great battle of the two kings, the battle that twice a year ensures one will rule while the other sits at the altar of life.  This time, the Holly King was again crowned ruler for the coming winter months. UUPS sang, danced, beat drums and rang bells in honor of the Holly King. A midsummer fire allowed all present to burn away a bad habit, problem, situation or other form of negative energy in their lives. Many felt uplifted, inspired and joyful. All present had the opportunity to travel down a garden path in a guided meditation to meet and speak with the Holy Holly King himself. The final union of the Holy Holly King and Queen brought a close to the ceremony and the opening of the Midsummer feast. Mainly a garden dinner, full of salads, cabbage, mushroom, pasta and noodles, the occasional yard bird was seen wandering around before quickly vanishing into the carnivorous traps of Holly King himself.  Blessed Be all! Until we merry meet again!

Midsummer 2011, l to r-Fire Runner, Derika Jade, Lunar Oak Spirit, Julie Watson, and Marian Edmonds, Friday, June 24, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

Midsummer 2011, l to r- Julie Watson, Marian Edmonds, Mustard Seed, and Fire Runner, Friday, June 24, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

Midsummer 2011, l to r-Woman Between the Wolves, Fire Runner, Mustard Seed, Lunar Oak Spirit, Derika Llemley, Marian Edmonds, and Julie Watson Friday, June 24, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT

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Brigid herself was pleased with the joyous celebration of the day of the return of the light. She was aspected by our very own adviser April, in a wonderful black and white costume, signifying the duality of the solstice and equality of day and night before the day becomes longer. The four quarters were called upon with candles and wreathes upon the heads of those who were in their elements respectively. A roaring fire in the grill helped keep us warm on the chilly night, and light Brigid’s candle. Milk and oats were passed, and blessings given, and blessings received. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed and made Imbolc 2011 a reality.

Following Imbolc we had home made chicken soup and participated in a new moon ritual. We hailed Luna and meditated with the beating of drums and set goals for the coming month. Blessings of the moon were given by the Priest before everyone was led into past life visions by April. Many things were revealed. All very instructional and helpful to the people to better understanding their time in this existence.

All in all, we can’t wait to do it again! Come join us each month for new and full moon rituals and draw down the power of the moon into your lives. See you there!


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