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The Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition has a new board of faith leaders who will oversee the function of the annual service. After the 2015 Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition Service Russ Gorringe, who had headed the coalition since 2002, stepped down. A steering committee was formed to reorganize. From the committee meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at First Baptist Church at 6pm, a new structure was formed to go forward into the future with the coalition.

SLPS trustee Woman Between the Wolves attended the meeting, advocating for the board style leadership, which idea was put forward by SLPS President Muad’Dib at the last interfaith service to Russ and through email to the members before the meeting. The UPIC accepted this proposal and will now be run by a 3 member board, which includes a seat for a non Christian faith. There will be a staggered rotation, with a new seat opening every year of those 3 seats. It will be volunteer roles. The board will still continue to invite all faiths to plan and host the services annually.

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