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Out in Tooele Canyon, a small group of UUPS members gathered On August 1, 2010, to release pent up energies, dead goals, angers and other frustrations in a simple shamanic ritual led by our very own Laurence Miles.
Lughnasadh, one of the 8 holidays in several of the Pagan traditions and the first harvest fall holiday, was celebrated in the Shamanic path. A simple rite, A fire was lit, frustrations written on paper, a grounding moment, and then the paper was thrown in to be released to the four elements, deity and the universe. This mild sunny day allowed us to snack on the chicken, vegetables and fruit until about ten minutes after the ritual was completed, gale force winds came barreling down the canyon, accompanied shortly after by rain. We all understood this to mean that our energy had been released and was being taken up by higher causes!! Over all, everyone left feeling accomplished, more relaxed and spiritually deeper

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