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This spring term on April 21, 2011, a different kind of service project was undertaken. Prison pen pals was on the list for the members of UUPS this past April. A few people asked about why such a project was undertaken, to write to prisoners, to which President Muad’Dib replied “We believe firmly in outreaching to all people, free or not free. It’s not our place to judge who they are or what they’ve done just because they’re in a jail cell. They’re a people, they are human beings, and  deserve light and love not matter their circumstance.”

Initially there were some who had concerns about the project but after President Muad’Dib explained the motives, all took up the pen to write, “We weren’t asking everyone to put their home address on the letters! They had the choice to put the University mailing address we have or none at all. Our chief concern was making sure every person will receive a nice, uplifting letter to brighten their day. We wrote to people inside and out of Utah, Pagan, Christian, straight and gay.”

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