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The Wheel has turned and Lughnasadh is upon us! The festival of Lugh, also known as Lammas, is a time to honor the Tuatha De Danann Warrior known as “Long Arm Lugh”.  A Cetlic Sun God, the first harvest come into fruition and storage now. The traditional offerings are the first loafs of bread made from the first harvest. Corn mothers, bread, grains and phalluses are all appropriate iconography for Lughnasadh. This is also the Thanksgiving Holiday, when each person give thanks for the things and blessings in their lives. The center piece and other decorations will feature full nudity of Lugh and phallus candles.  Join with us for Lughnasadh! You must come to Witches’ Tea for an invitation.

When: Saturday, August 3, 2013 6pm

Where: Muad’Dib’s House 801 709 4632

(Flyer by Lunar Oak Spirit)



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