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Sad news to report, the board members of the local Salt Lake City and Utah based Furry community convention Furry Unlocked, have chosen to dissolve the convention at this time and the foreseeable future. Citing difficulties in the administration to run a 3 day event, finances, and the flood of other opportunities such as Comic Con for furries to participate in, the board felt it was no longer feasible to put on the convention.Their holdings have been transferred to a company run by Rabbit Valley, stating that they did not want to loose their brand, and are open to the possibility of returning in the future if there is enough demand.

SLPS participated in the 2015 convention over Halloween, doing furry tarot readings and presenting a panel on animal totems for furries. We were hoping to return next year as we had a very good experience. We are glad to have the opportunity we did to support the furry community.

Read all the details from their website post titled “Closing Furry Unlocked”, posted to the front page of their website on January 16, 2016.



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Join us this weekend at Furry Unlocked! Stop by our panel Oct 31 on “Animal Totems for Furries” in “The Room” at 2pm.

Flyer by Muad’Dib
SLPS Furry Unlocked 2015 flyer

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