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June may be over, but pride isn’t! The first annual Ogden Pride Festival will be held Saturday, August 1, 2015 at City Hall Park/Municipal Gardens in Ogden, UT. The theme is Love Within Reach.  (also Lughnasadh or Lammas). SLPS will be present and ready at their first festival, supporting he community in Ogden. Look for the booth and sign, stop by for a tarot, playing card, or palming reading for only $10!

Flyer by Muad’Dib


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We want to relate to all of our people about our experience today at Lotus in Draper, UT. We had a successful class today, our Wicca 101. Afterwards is when things went south. They discriminated against us, our business, the society and our faith.

We were told by the female business owner that we couldn’t do anymore classes there because certain people, like their supporters, don’t like Wicca and it would cause issues. We didn’t understand this, because Wicca is a New Age faith and they are a new age store… selling stones, oracle cards, psychic readings, chakra flags, pentagrams, and even had a young woman who told us she was Wiccan working the front. It was bizarre and puzzling.

We had no warning or idea, as when we first schedule the class a month ago with the other owner and manager (2 people) in person and over email, not a word of this was mentioned…till after we paid for the class space, (they did give us the fee back, but not the money they made off our class).

When we tried to reason about the whole circumstance of a New Age business discriminating against a New Age spirituality, the owner repeated the same thing to us, and said they are trying to be inclusive (while excluding us).

What in essence they are saying is that they don’t want any Wiccan, Witches, Shaman, Druids, or anyone else in their store, since they don’t support that or the mystic arts. They don’t want any information on it being taught there. We’d never thought we’d see the day when a New Age store wouldn’t want a New Age Spirituality being taught there. They must keep their clients in the dark about anything beyond crystals and angel oracles.

We want everyone to know this, as they seem to be willing to take your money, but don’t accept who you are if you practice a New Age/Pagan faith. There are better stores who are truly supportive you can shop at such as Jeweled Maidens, Dancing Cranes, Turiya’s, Gypsy Moon, Silver Moons (Formerly Gypsy Wagon in American Fork) and As Above So Below (Roy, UT).

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