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It is with sad hearts that we report the folding of our wonderful sister group Utah State University Pagan Alliance. Over the last two years since Kassie Cressall graduated, USUPA has had periods of inactivity, and as SLPS reported last year, had come back from the void under a new president. The old president Kassie posted on March 19, 2014 on their “We are no longer an active club on campus. If you are interested in joining the USUPA or renewing it please contact Kassie at kjcressall AT gmail DOT com. She is happy to answer all questions, point you towards currently active groups, and guide you thru the USU club process. Thank you to all club members, leadership, and supporters over the past three years. You made USU history by being part of the first Pagan Alliance in Logan, Utah”

Being such a small place, we hope all the members of USUPA find a new resource and group for spirituality in Logan, UT

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