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Beloved business, Kindred Paths, has filed for bankruptcy as of January 11, 2012. Once known as Spell Bound off of 14th S. and Highland Dr., the shop had to move to its location on 3800 S. and Highland Dr. due to the bank selling the building. The move meant getting out in a hurry August 2010 to comply with the new owners, who later tore down the old structure to build a new apartment tower on the site.
Kindred Paths was able to find a new home in a strip mall just off 3900 S. The move though lost many customers. This happens with any move, people think the shop closed. In the following year and a half, some old folks returned and found the shop again, but this business, as well as the down side of the new location being more a “destination location,” was not enough to keep Nighttree, owner of the shop, afloat.
Some of the community members even came together to host fundraising parties for the store. Willow Tilley, a local psychic, did monthly parties with must and events to encourage business.
President Muad’Dib talks about his experience going to the shop “I found Spell Bound in September 2008 while living in Provo. I stopped by one time while in Salt Lake and met Steve Turner, aka Nighttree. I was freshly Pagan, and interested in joining his druid clan Skyclad. The shop was still over on 14th S. I went to the new location as I knew he had moved. I visited frequently, spending lots of time talking to Steve, shopping, and even did a few classes there. I also attended classes by Steve, such as his Ogham meditations and rituals by Horus Oasis O.T.O.
Steve was always trying to find ways to bring in business. It’s so sad we have to loose a great part of the Pagan community.”
SLPS went and bought as many items as it could on budget to lessen the bankruptcy. Muad’Dib picked up the Medieval Cat Tarot, a bookcase, and Steve’s old round oak table that sat in the shop.

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