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Starting this fall, 2013, Utah Valley University is getting its own pagan club. SLPS advertising director Lunar Oak Spirit who currently attends UVU is starting a space for all the pagans at UVU and the surrounding community.  Speaking about the experience of getting the club going, Mr. Spirit said “I was surprised there wasn’t a group here when I transferred to UVU. I knew it had to happen so I took on the challenge of getting the space going despite having a campus job and classes that take up so much time. There are pagans here and I’m here to let them know that they have a space!” UVUPA has a few members so far, including the Rev Avalon Starr of The Church of the Sacred Circle-South (Utah County). With the support of CSC and SLPS, we hope that UVUPA will blossom and find a permanent space at UVU. The last pagan club that existed at UVU folded sometime after their winter solstice of 2010. SLPS sends UVUPA light and love on their new journey and will be there with them along the way!

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