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The Pagan Society feels that it has lost a dear friend this week. The Beehive Tea Room is closed for business, forever. President Muad’Dib spoke with the owner Lisa and confirmed that she has closed the doors to the tea room and filed for bankruptcy. Lisa said “I tried to see if I had any more tricks in the hat and I didn’t. I couldn’t afford to keep going so I had to close.” The society is deeply saddened to lose its meeting place. The society started meeting at the Beehive Tea Room in May of 2010.

The society formed in October of 2009 with the idea popping up in August 2009 to get a group for college pagans at the U going. So this cozy, classy, and wonderful tea room supported the society through all its up and downs to this point. “We wish we could save the tea room, it’s been our haven and our special place for over three years now,” said President Muad’Dib. From their own website “After ten years we have decided to give up the struggle and close our doors forever. We thank everyone who has shared a cup of tea with us over the years. Cheers!” (www.beehivetearoom.com). SLPS will be hopping around locations on Sundays to find a new suitable home.

So far the list of places visited have been Toasters, Bad Ass Coffee, and Cafe Solstice. President Muad’Dib is also considering changing the time to 12 or 1pm to accommodate the not so early morning crowd. Many factors go into finding a new place from location, public transit access, menu, and feel. Details to follow, stay up to date right here on the only Pagan blog of Salt Lake City!

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The Beehive Tea Room has unexpected shutout down for the month of June! SLPS will have to find a new temporary or even permanent location at which to meet. The big question now is that is it time to find a new meeting place all together?! Questions to be answered at the next meeting. Stay updated through the blog about the new location!image


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