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For all those interested in attending SLPS rituals, now is the chance to come and see first hand how SLPS conducts their rites!

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Flyer by Muad’Dib

SLPS Samhain 2015 Flyer

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For all those who don’t know, SLPS will be hosting a public ritual, the first sabbat of the year, on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 6pm at Dancing Cranes Imports located at 673 E Simpson Ave (2240 S.), Salt Lake City, UT 84106. Dancing Cranes is accessible on public transit on the 700 E S-line stop on the Sugar House Street Car Trolley. This celebration will welcome back the light of the sun and bring an end to the dark times of the year. Known as Candlemas to Catholics, this is the time of year when the Lady takes over from the Lord and is honored in the form of the Celtic Goddess Brigid (Saint Brigid) at Imbolc. Brigid is over poetry and blacksmithing, and will be visiting the attendees to give them guidance for the upcoming spring season. Join in if you can, it’s free! You can find the ritual outline in the rituals section of our website. If you’re on Facebook, RSVP on the event page on the Salt Lake Pagan Society’s Facebook page.

Brigid 2

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Hello to all,

After some recent events that transpired over the last full moon, a group vote has changed that all rituals in the future to be closed to public and invitation only. This is a precautionary measure to protect those in circle as well as those who are not yet ready to perform and work magic.

What will happen is that all those whom are interested in attending ritual should come to tea a few times on Sundays so that SLPS gets to know you, your energy, intent and your background. The rituals take place at a private residence so this precautionary note helps also keep unwanted energies and astral travelers down to a minimum.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! There will still be stories, photos and docs posted of everything and all other events are open to public, so all desiring may still follow along and keep up to date on the current activities of SLPS

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