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SLPS thanks Lunar Oak Spirit for all the beautiful work he did as Advertising Director in the society. His stay was over a year, from June 2013-September 2014. We will still see him around as a member, but will miss his energy and drive as our official artist.

Lunar Oak Spirit, Rio Grand Restaurant, March 2, 2013, Salt Lake City, UT

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After three years of faithful service, Ember Fire was released from her duties as Advertising Director of the society on June 9, 2013. “I am sad to see her go, but happy at the same time. She had years of experience and now we have the opportunity to have another artist gain experience in the society” said President Muad’Dib

Ms. Fire became the advertising director on June 24, 2011. She designed beautiful work for most of the sabbats, special events, banners and other occasions. Her work as a mix of photography and hand drawn style. She often incorporated themes of the seasons with suns, moon, stars, and animals. SLPS thanks her and wishes her well in life!

Ember Fire at Ostara 2012.

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SLPS is very excited to have Lunar Oak Spirit come aboard as the new Advertising Director. Lunar Oak Spirit was appointed on June 9, 2013 to the position last month after the release of Ember Fire. He gracefully accepted the office and pledge to serve it to his fullest capacity. “I am so honored and shocked to be asked to do this. I was designing a few things here and there, but never expected to be asked to do be an officer in the society. I’ll do my best!”

Mr. Spirit is the artist who designed the banner that was recently used in the Utah Pride Festival March on June 2… also Mr. Spirit’s birthday! His work is of a different style than Ms. Fire’s and often utilizes real imagery and photographs capture from nature and around the world. “I really enjoy the realism he uses in her work and he art is always stunning” said President Muad’Dib. SLPS wishes him luck in his new office!

Lunar Oak Spirit

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After only a few months as the secretary of SLPS, Rena Fairbrother has decided to step down as the society secretary. Citing personal family issues and schooling, she recently revealed that she will not be able to perform her duties and has asked for her release. She was let go on May 25, 2013.

Rena did perform her duties well while in the office. Staring on February 12, 2013, she was the person who undertook and completed the society’s calendar project giving us the wonderful 2013 calendars with photos and events. She projected new ideas, ways, and projects at the meetings and was an innovative thinker. SLPS will miss her and wishes her well in life and hopes that she will return in the future to be part of the society again.


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