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The vote is in. After several weeks of debating the name change, a majority rule has settled on changing the U of U Pagan Society’s name to the Salt Lake Pagan Society. It will take some time for the transition, so please hold tight while we get everything switched over!

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The U of U Pagan Society will soon be changing its name. Forced to do so under a new trademark agreement, the University of Utah trademarked the words “U of U”. Along with it are a few other items to the list of trademarks. Part of the official email from the U stated “The name and symbols of your organization must not include the use of registered University trademarks including: THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH; UTAH; RUNNIN’ UTES; UTES; official block letter “U”; UU; U of U; Lady Utes; ASUU; Swoop; Block U with medical caduceus; Circle and feather; The Muss; The School Seal; The School Medallion.”

Thanks to the U, UUPS will have to change all official documents and logos as well as its website and email. Please join in the effort to pick a new name. Submit comments below or email your ideas to uofupagansociety@gmail.com

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In keeping with its goal to become an official student group, the University of Utah Pagan Society had to make one very specific change: Its name. The University of Utah Pagan Society is now the U of U Pagan Society.

“We had all these ideas and visions, then we met reality. ASUU said that no group is an ‘official’ entity, like a department or college of the university, so we can’t call ourselves that. It’s all so that if we get in trouble with the law, the law can’t come back and say ‘Well you’re University Pagan Society was doing this…’ I think it’s safe, but also a little surprising personally that they go to measurers like that to ensure their safety. Everyone will just have to be imaginative and believe ‘U of U’ stands for University of Utah. We can still get funding from them, we just can’t call ourselves after them. This also means we have freedom to do as we please. Perform ritual naked, drink wine, light candles and fires… all off camps of course!” Said President Muad’Dib. What a very exciting time, many blessings and luck as you figure this all out UUPS

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