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In April 2011, an agreement was reached: Kindred Paths would become a sponsor of the U of U Pagan Society.

UUPS is very pleased to have the backing of Salt Lake City’s Finest full service Pagan store.

“I was very happy that we could work something out. I feel so much support from Kindred Paths and the community. We hope to maintain ties and build each other up in the process.” said President Muad’Dib

Steve Turner, the owner said “I don’t mind being associated, helping and supporting this great group of people. They are doing good things for the community and it’s important we help each other, instead of being isolated like a lot of folks tend to be.”

UUPS has no fiscal minimum set to be a sponsor, but welcomes everyone who is interested in becoming one.

Store front of Kindred Paths on Highland Dr and 3900 S.

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