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Hail and joyous Kwanzaa! Habari Gani! The members of SLPS gathered to celebrate the cultural holiday Kwanzaa. This is the third year of Kwanzaa being held by SLPS, a great way to ring in the new year! The altar was decorated in the traditional style, with African heritage and cultural items, including the mazao-fruits of the seaons, the kinaara,-the seven slotted candle holder, the muhinidi-the corn representing the children, the zawadi- gifts, and the kikombe cha umoja-the cup representing family and community. A special African dish made for the occasion was presented on the atlar, chicken and groundnut stew with fufu. Discussion about the seven values of Umoja — Unity, Kujichagulia — Self-determination, Ujima— Collective work and responsibility, Ujamaa — Cooperative economics, Nia — Purpose, Kuumba — Creativity, and Imani— Faith took place over the meal. These values help to bring the community together and to forget the self, considering others and the purpose of remembering our roots to make a better world.

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