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Recently, a prospective member came to the society seeking membership. While this person attended meetings and functions, they never formally joined. After a few months, this individual stirred up trouble among some of the more impressionable members, and fooled them into causing a rift in the society. A meeting was held on Friday, May 24, 2013 in the Sugarhouse Park, to discuss the future of the members of the society and work out the issues in a group setting. A special talking stick as purchased for the occasion to ensure that members take turns speaking. Heated opinions, critiques, and passionate feelings were shared. It was decided that the troll would be banned, and several members would be released. Several also chose to leave, leaving the Society fewer in numbers, but also healthier as those who stayed are those who were serious about Work, instead of just socializing.  We wish those who left and were released well in life and that they find other groups in which to participate.

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