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Thanks to everyone who attended Junes’ New Moon Ritual/Drum Circle and Fire meditation. As usual ritual started out with magical workings but President Muad’Dib instituted a new circle design that uses the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Qabbalistic Cross and Rose Cross for protection. Arch angels were invoked as well as quarters and even a special circle of faeries attended as those present requested the tossing and blessings of the fae. Shortly after the dust was spread around the circle a large ring of fae poofed into circle, happy, cheering and excited to be with everyone.

Energies ran extremely high this circle. Lots of ancestors were reported being seen by president Muad’Dib while drumming, Callista Dreamwalker and Mustard Seed said that children wee heard singing and humming. Even a fire guest was present during the meditation. UUPS is certainly grateful for all astral visitors and ancestors who helped the members set goals and find answers in their lives. The Goddesses blessings were upon everyone and thanks were given by offerings of double stuffed cookies and berry juice!

New Moon Ritual, l to r- Callista Dreamwalker, Mustard Seed, Fire Runner, Shy Fox June 16, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT

New Moon Ritual, altar center, June 16, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT

New Moon Ritual, Mustard Seed, June 16, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT

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